2 days, and a bit, left

It’s my final week of paid employment. We’re having a pub lunch on Friday and Matt and I are havng some Dong Dong Noodle with Bindy and Dan. Post-Optus Dong Dong.

It has been some time since I last blogged. We are going to the house on Wednesday next week to inspect and receive the keys. I have booked the floor layers for Thursday and Friday. I am thinking that I will paint F’s room on the Thursday while they are laying the floorboards. Our moving in date will be Friday 18th March. Fraser will finish his last day of daycare that day and I will have the real estate inspect. Hopefully we’ll get all our bond back. The place isn’t trashed or anything but the carpet has baby-spew stains all over it and I’m worried the steam cleaning won’t fix it. But I guess we’ll just have to hope for the best.

I have bought our King size doona. It’s the Laura Ashley daisies one in the picture below.

Quite attractive. So it seems we will have a blue bedroom after all.

I also trekked around Randwick last Thursday and found the Baby’s Ark which sell Designer’s Guild decor and linen. I was really keen on the farmyard wallpaper border so coughed up $69 for 10 metres. I expect it will be enough.

Can’t wait to go through and purge all the serious amounts of crap that we’ve held onto over the years. SO looking forward to going back to the basics and keeping only those things I love or still use. The rest can go.

It has been on my mind recently that I will soon be 31. I was happy with 30 but I am fearing 31. What is worse is that I’m starting to become those people I always hated in my youth. I hated the people that pretended to be younger than they were.. ‘ohh I’m 29..’ when they’re actually quite a bit over that. Why couldn’t they just accept their age with grace? Well, here I am.
I choose to stay 30.

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