I’m getting back into the swing of things now I have my new computer. I decided to upgrade as the 2.5k I spent on my stolen iBook (G3, 14″) could now get me a 12″ G4 powerbook. I’m a big fan of the compact-ness of the 12″ as I don’t need the screen real estate for anything I do.
It also has a much better graphics card. Anyway. enough nerdiness.
We’ve been away for a week in Lindeman Island. THe plane trip up was quite successful with Frase having a one hour sleep on my lap and then happily playing with us the rest of the time. We did alot of swimming but the humidity bothered Fraser a bit and he was usually requiring alot of attention at meal times so we would often eat quickly and retreat back to the air con of our room. He also exhibited some separation anxiety, often sitting crying outside the bathroom door while I had a shower even though Matt was in the room. But it wasn’t just for me. When we were at the restaurant, he would cry when Matt left to go to the buffet. Even with all that we had Lindeman guests and staff telling us he was the happiest baby they’d ever seen. One lady who flew up with her family (hubby and two teenagers) on our plane came up to us on our first or second day there and said what a good baby he was. We ended up becoming quite friendly with them as they live not far from our property on 100 acres. We’ve exchanged contact details and will probably see them again at some stage.
Fraser loved the swimming and he got himself a little tan. He has a white ring around the groove of his wrist. So cute. I dare say, though, that a holiday with a one year old isn’t really a holiday. It’s just a different location where more vigilence is required. It was nice though to be able to do a lot of lazing around and eating food someone else cooked.
Note to self: limit the amount of adult yogurt that Fraser eats. It was often the only thing he would eat while we were away but it reacted badly with him after the first couple of times and he had serious wind and poo issues. Not doing that again.
All-in-all it was a good time and I would love to go back to a Club Med again.

We’ve had to reset his sleep routines since we returned. He got used to going to sleep with us in the room. The first couple of nights we were home he cried and cried until he finally went to sleep. I would say he was almost back to normal now but he seems to be having a problem with teething. The two incisors are coming down at once (the 2 teeth at either side of the front teeth) and he’s very whingey, dribbly and feels a bit hot to touch. Matt went to the docs for an ear infection yesterday and had Fraser checked at the same time. Dr says Fraser didn’t have a temp or any other obvious issue so I blame teeth. It’s disturbed his daytime naps today and hopefully won’t keep waking him up through the night. I’ve tried a small dose of panadol today to no discernible effect.

We received confirmation from our builders today that the house will almost definitely be ready by end of Feb. The gyprock has been delivered. Next comes paint and tiles. It’s very exciting that we are so close now. I have been buying things already for the new house and just keeping them in the back of my car. Some things also scattered around the apartment. I’ve been keeping empty nappy and Avon boxes to pack with. I feel like I’m living in a warehouse but I don’t care anymore. I just want out quickstix and keeping boxes around makes me feel like we’re moving any day now.

Can you believe my boy is almost 1? I certainly can’t but it’s only a little more than a week away. This time last year I was probably wallowing in the pool or in front of the telly. He’s such a little boy now and he’s finding ways to communicate. He’s been vocalising alot in the past week.. alot of bah! gah! dadadada and still lots of squealing (I wish I knew how to stop that). Recently he started to spit food out when you feed him too fast, give a piece of food that’s too big, or when he’s had enough. The finger food thing still doesn’t work too well. We attempted that alot while we were at Lindeman because it wouldn’t be messing up our floor. :)
SO we’ll have a little party for him next weekend on his birthday.

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