I was planning on doing a bit of a 2004 .. the year that was. Alas, things have been busy and I just didn’t get around to it.
Who would have thought that in the space of a year I’ve had a baby who is now almost a toddler. From the emotional drama of having a constantly crying newborn to the laughter and joy I get every time I see him smile and laugh, last year had it all. I learned how shockingly unimportant my wants and needs are… I learned that I’m flexible, even when I don’t like change… I’m resilient in the face of non-stop demands of motherhood… I have a high pain threshold (says my doctor)… I’ve come close to my limits and found that to be scary. If it wasn’t for a strong sense of humour and possibly that pain threshold I may well have crossed that line. But if it wasn’t for all that I wouldn’t have discovered what it is to feel that unconditional love for a child. Oh, what it is to be human.
It’s been an emotional year. A year of deaths and births, endings and beginnings. If it wasn’t for the generous gift of a departed friend we wouldn’t have been able to start building our new home. I look forward to the coming year. More beginnings and less endings, please.

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  1. Along with the personal developement you record here, Being your Mum, reletively new at being a Mother-in-law and a prodigiously proud Nanna, I feel compelled to add something here.
    Along with the personal developement you have recorded,your Dad and I have watched you blossom and beautifully grow into a loving daughter as well. Motherhood has given you fulfillment which now radiates around you, and with happy and loving parents like you and Matt, Fraser will indeed continue to give you both much pleasure. Love Mum

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