I woke up this morning to our apartment having been burgled overnight WHILE we were all asleep in the bedroom. This clown climbed up over our 3rd floor balcony and stole our laptops, mobiles and some cash. The police came and said that several other apartments had been done and that they suspected a guy who had a kid on the way and day now and was quite possibly out of jail recently.
The “fingerprint gatherer” came around in the afternoon and found a few good prints on the railing. Hopefully, with that info, the thief gets busted and sent back to jail. Last time he went jail for robbing 13 apartments in our complex. Seems these idiots don’t know how to try something different.
Apart from us all being safe, I’m also very grateful that most of our photos were backed up to CD just last week. Man I would have been pissed off and very upset had this not been the case. All I’ve lost is a few photos which are already up on the gallery anyway, copious emails with information I was holding onto, and heaps of Avon files. Matt lost a spreadsheet of house expenses and some work stuff. Our cameras were left behind, thankfully.
It’s the first good night’s sleep I’ve had in a while which is a pity as I may have heard the screen door open if I’d been awake.
We didn’t have contents insurance so if the laptops aren’t recovered we’ll have to buy replacements. Fortunately, iBooks are pretty cheap these days. The worst thing is there could be someone reading all my emails and going through my photos. How creepy.

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