Happy New YEar for 2005.
I had a pretty sedate NYE. I was at work until 11pm and then went home and watched the fireworks on the telly with Matt.
We ventured into the city Myer for the sale on new years day. Bought a set of king size sheets at half price. It’s hard to buy sheets when you don’t know your colour scheme yet so we ended up with black. I saw some fantastic doona covers there but, naturally, they were designer brands at stupid prices.

I’ve been eyeing off fabric on Ebay lately and yesterday won 2 items. Some fabric with wild irises on it and a few metres worth of a cinnamon/red stripe. The irises will make a nice cushion cover for our bedroom I think, and the cinnamon stripe would be great as upholstery on a chair. No doubt they will both sit with my sewing stuff forever before being peddled on ebay again.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that we took the gate down in the apartment. It was there originally to stop Fraser from getting into the other half of the apartment unsupervised. I was in the bedroom putting some clothes away and Fraser standing up with his hands onthe bars of the gate. Anyway he finally managed to pull it down and fell backwards. He was fine but I decided we don’t really need the gate anymore. I did a quick risk assessment of the gap, bedroom and bathroom and left the gate off. We still have to try and leave the doors to the rooms shut though because he has a fascination with opening and shutting doors. Open, close, open, close, open, close. Not actually closed though, as he can’t reach the handle of course, but the door is ajar slightly. This brings me to more of his talents. He’s been able to turn the volume knob on the stereo for a while now. Sound goes up, sound goes down, sound goes up, sound goes down. Then he figured out how to eject the video in the VCR. So he pushes the button then takes the tape out and throws it on the floor. His latest and, so far, most annoying skill is turning the TV off. On, off, on, off. It’s not that amusing when he does it while his favourite Play School DVD is on because he gets upset that his show went away. Silly boy.

Time is inching closer to the completion of our new house. I can’t wait to have our own room. I know I’ve said it before but I’m really sick of waking up at 5am to the sound of squealing. I’ve managed to ignore other behaviours in the early hours and it’s succeeded in helping him go back to sleep but this squealing is just way too invasive. I’m worried that he will think this is the best way to communicate with us. At least when he has his own room he’ll realise that squealing will no longer work!

Well 2004 was a hard but exciting year. 2005 looks to be a great year. We’ll have our new house, our baby will be 1 and walking very soon.. and maybe my Avon’ing will really take off at the new place.

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