Holy Tsunamis Batman!

I guess you’ve heard all about the tsunami in SE Asia by now. I had it on the telly when it happened but wasn’t paying attention so didn’t realise what had actually happened until I got to work. I carried on with my day-to-day life without too much thought of it as I’ve done with other world disasters. My world wasn’t touched so it didn’t register.
Then I started reading news reports of a 6 month old baby being swept out of her father’s arms, toddlers being orphaned, families with lost children.. and that’s just the tourists. Each time I read or see a report on one of those my heart cringes, for lack of a better term. Well, this morning I cracked it. I heard of a woman who had her 2 year old in one arm and the 5 year old in the other and she had to choose which one to let go in order to keep herself and the other one safe. What a horrendous choice to have to make. How very fortunate that he was found safe and well. But he’s old enough to know and remember that he was let go. I have no idea what I would’ve done in that circumstance. All I could do was cry.
Motherhood has brought an empathy to the surface that I’ve not experienced before.

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