In between time

Christmas is over and now we’re in that in-between time before New Year. Christmas celebrations went down well and we still have some ham.
Fraser was a good boy and went back to sleep on Christmas morning until 6.30am. So we woke up then, grateful for the lie-in and went out to see what Santa had left. I decided that Santa had left Fraser a Bob the Builder suitcase and a floating aeroplane thing that he can sit in at the pool. He also got a bunch of little things in his Christmas stocking from us. Basically, just bibs and books. I would have liked to have gotten him a stride-to-ride walker or a Leapfrog learning table or something but we dont have the room. The big stuff can wait for his birthday when we won’t be far from moving to the new house.
Anyway, we had a good time opening our gifts and hanging out.
After Frase woke from his nap we headed over to his Grandma and Pa’s house. We did the gift thing there with Matt’s family and had some time with little Savanna. Then we went to Gram’s retirement village to catch up with the extended family. Harrison just started walking in the last couple of weeks and he and Fraser had a great time playing with toys, balls and Christmas tree ornaments. We did a Secret Santa this year instead of buying for several people and it worked really well. I think it’s a great idea for big families or gatherings. Everybody was informed that we would be having Christmas at ours next year. I’m already working the logisitics of it in my head. Chrisco hampers have been ordered!
Fraser had a big day and only managed a couple of little sleeps in the car but he was happy all day so that’s ok.
We were home to watch The Panel’s Christmas Wrap and then off to bed to recover.

Boxing day we went over to see my Nana and exchange gifts with her, then we went to mum’s for lunch. A relaxing followup to a busy Christmas day. Once again, Fraser would only sleep laying on his Nana’s lap listening to Julio.

Frase scored lots of loot. Cothes, a couple of balls, a kiddy 10 pin bowling set, a knitted Bob the Builder doll – complete with knitted hammer, screwdriver and shifter, some plastic plates, a homer simpson doll, a wind up racing car, peter rabbit learning blocks, more books..and a few other things. He also got a number of inappropriate gifts some of which have been packed away for later use in a few years time and a couple of others that are too young for him. I passed those onto Savanna.

I think next Christmas will be much more fun for him. It’s still great to watch him flap his arms excitedly at a ball coming in his direction, but I don’t need Christmas for that.

The social activities of the past few days have reinforced the fact that I can no longer hold a decent conversation for a reasonable length of time. Unless I am at work, my mind is always occupied with keeping half an eye on what Fraser is doing or tending to his immediate needs. As much as I find it refreshing to be selflessly putting another’s needs ahead of mine, I am looking forward to a time when I can claim my mental space for my own.

I have also learned that my response to the sound of a newborn’s cry is most definitely instinctive. We had Shan and Jane come around on Boxing Day night (Boxing Night?) with Savanna. Anyway Savanna started crying for a feed and I got that very same panicky anxious feeling that I used to get with Fraser. It’s an awful feeling but at least I now understand that it wasn’t just me feeling dreadfully inadequate as a new mother but an effective way for nature to shift sole focus to the child.

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