Mummy loves you!

We visited little Savanna on Monday afternoon. She look very much like Shan at the moment. She has his shaped head and dark hair. He spent her first hour of life alone with her as Jane was still coming around after surgery. I’m really glad about that as it gave him a fantastic opportunity to bond with her. Life will be totally different for Shan and Jane now and I hope they really take to it. I’m sure they’ll be fine. I can’t wait til we can have sleepovers with the kids and all that at the farm. Should be lots of fun.
When I was giving Savanna a little cuddle Fraser seemed to get jealous! He didn’t cry but he tried to leap out of Matt’s arms and into mine. Poor little bubba. I didn’t think he would have felt that kind of emotion at this age. Makes me nervous thinking about how he’ll react when we get around to having another baby.

Yesterday he had his last booster for pneumococcal and he weighed in at 9.56kg. He seems to be prett slow at putting the weight on these days but I guess with all the crawling aorund and activity he’s burning alot of calories. I asked Dr Mel about his fingers as the nails are a bit concave. She said it was just the shape of his nails as Matt and I both have quite flat nails, as opposed to very rounded. It can be a sign of iron deficiency but she’s not concerned about that as Fraser is not anaemic and he eats a decent amount of iron rich food.

I’ve been trying to remember to give him a chance at using the spoon himself when he has his dessert. He knows what it’s for and dips it into the container but can’t quite work out how to get the food off the spoon properly. It goes into his mouth at a funny angle and most of the yogurt, or whatever, is still on there when it comes out.

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