A Funny thing, Mother Nature

Has it really been so long since I posted? It seems so. I’ll have to go back a bit then.

How did Canberra go?
Not too bad, really. The second bedroom was too small to fit the portacot in so we set it up in the main bedroom and Matt and I were planning on sleeping in the second room. Well I ended up in the main bedroom with Frase anyway because I couldn’t sleep. Fraser ended up in bed with me because he was crying and wouldnt go back to sleep. Apart from the night-time shenannigans it was a good weekend though. We called by the farm on our way down and the framework for the house had been delivered. On the Saturday night we went to dinner at the Hogsbreath in Canberra and Frase sat up there in the highchair until we went home. The party was on the next day. He had a fun time playing with some of Harrison’s toys and got passed around the family. All in all, a pretty good weekend.

Since then, the frame and windows have been put up and the internal plumbing is being done. We went to Goulburn this morning and came back via the farm. It’s exciting to see the house take shape. We really do have some fabulous views from every room.

I have been thinking alot lately of just how well Mother Nature works. One night recently I was sitting on the couch. It was quite late and I was looking out across the complex and noticing all the apartments with lights on in the middle of the night. A strange feeling came over me – that I was fondly remembering the overnight breastfeeds (!?!). I have no actual memory of it being an enjoyable experience and yet this was a genuine feeling of.. hmm.. I don’t know, really. Almost like I missed it, but that’s not quite right.
Is this a chemical change in the brain (perhaps hormonal) that happens over time, which enables the human race to continue multiplying? Is my body telling me “it’s time to go again, surely you remember how great it was”? Is it just that I’m associating the breastfeeding with the warm nights, and I’m really just recalling past memories of other warm nights? The more I read over this last option, the more I agree. I’m quite happy to leave it there for now.

We have alot of social do’s coming up. This Saturday is the Buick Club Christmas party. I believe we have to wrap up a little present for Fraser. I think Santa will be there.

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