First Day

The first of many First Days I’m sure but today was Fraser’s first day at daycare. Matt and I took him downstairs and stayed to watch for a while. He was crawling around and playing with trains and eating blocks .. having a good old time. We said goodbye and he went right on playing. I got a bit teary because I was a little bit sad that he wasn’t sad we left! but I was happy too because he was having a fun time.
I dropped in after lunchtime just to have a stickybeak before I went to work. I just stayed behind the door and had a peak in. Frase was playing with a red bowl and looked pretty happy. His Aunty Jane picked him up and she had a look around the centre. She’s impressed with the place and it looks to be conforming to all the standards. So that’s comforting. She also said that Frase only slept for 20 minutes but he had 1.5 bottles and had a few crying sessions but not bad for a first day. The staff were impressed with his ability to drink from a spout. Apparently kids his age usually have good cup handling skills but don’t know how to drink from it. Whereas, he knows how to drink from it but hasn’t got the holding figured out yet.
So all-in-all I think it went pretty well. He must love the freedom to roam around without having us herding him away from things.

Tomorrow we go to Canberra for the weekend. Fraser will be in his portacot in a separate room. That will be interesting. I wonder how he’ll take it. Will he know we’re not in the room should he wake up through the night? hmm
Just have to wait and see I guess.

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