Happy Anniversary!

Matt and I have been married 3 years as of 10th November. Where has the time gone? We decided to celebrate by going to the movies the day before. So we dropped Fraser off at his Nana’s and hotfooted it over to Macquarie. Did a bit of shopping and then watched the new Tom Cruise flick “Collateral” in the gold class cinema. Lucky it was tight-arse Tuesday – it was $3 cheaper. :)
Anyway, it was a pretty good film and we had a great time reclined right back rancho-relaxo style. We arrived back to Mum’s and Fraser was sitting in his highchair playing with tupperware while mum was washing dishes. Apparently he’d had a great time and loved listening to Julio Iglesias CDs. He must be rebelling early after being subjected to countless hours of Eminem in the womb.

The house building is going great guns. Slab is down, external plumbing and septic being done now. Very exciting. I can’t wait to don my Martha Stewart personality and decorate, bake, and organise! w00t!
Matt’s been investigating the employment options in the local area. I tell you, having Goulburn-dwelling Uncle Bill in the family is like having your own personal connection to the local Mafia or something. He knows everyone, and everyone knows him!

It seems my fraser diaries are becoming general chronicles of the Allen family. I’ve been thinking about whether to start a new blog when a second baby comes along or should I maintain this one in the style of a family blog. Perhaps you could offer a comment on the matter?

My writing style has become somewhat lazy of late. I think my writing is much wittier when I have something to complain about. Not to mention sentence formation. There have been a lot of sentence fragments and … dots leading to more… sentence fragments.. with no capitalisation. Forgive my tardiness. As you can see, this entry has had more effort put into it.

My Avon personality is having a good time. I went to a sales event the other night and came home with 3 fibre optic Santas. They’re about 45cm high and have little lights through their beards and stuff that change colour. Very cute but a little expensive at retail. So I think i’ll discount them pretty heavily. I’ve got plenty of room to discount and still cover cost. I’ll show him to one of my customers today when I deliver her order. I’m hoping there’s no local rep where we’re moving to. My sales figures stand to increase markedly in the country as we don’t having department stores everywhere to buy stuff from.

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