Divine Intervention??

One of my customers just called. She's on my delivery run this afternoon. Anyway, she said "i think you're the avon lady" .. I said, yes, thinking that she called me so she should know.  "Well i'm not calling about that" Now I'm intrigued and a little bit freaked out thinking that she's mad at me or something. She says that she owns the childcare centre downstairs from me and am I still interested in putting my son in there. I've been on that waiting list for 15months! i.e BEFORE he was born!!!  So I've been offered one day a week of childcare. Can you believe it..??? I can't. I must still be quite a way down the waiting list. I think she might doing me a favour and it gives me a foot in the door at the centre with Avon!!

I was only thinking last night about whether I should check on that waiting list.  I'm feeling all spiritual all of a sudden that I decided to go with Avon because it would put me in touch with this lady who would get me the childcare.

My mind is reeling. I just can't seem to process all this as one big coincidence. It's just too weird.

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  1. It must be fate my dear, to bring all these things together for you. Goodluck (and a surprise Hello to you – I heard you have been looking for me) – Hope it is okay that I read your blog. You are welcome to read mine. Catch you soon.

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