Take 2

Well I had a whole post done and blogger went and killed itself.. arggh. So here I am again.
Fraser is 9 mo today and Matt took him for his weigh and measure at the pharmacy. He’s right on the 50th centile for weight and length. It’s Matt’s birthday as well, today. We went out with my folks on Wednesday night for dinner and Fraser was a good boy. Sat in the highchair the whole time and didn’t whinge even though it was way past his bedtime.

Last Saturday night he was babysat for the day and evening so we could go to a wedding, by Uncle Boo and his girlfriend. Reports are that it went quite well. No dramas. Daylight savings started that night and it’s been a bonus for us as Fraser is generally waking up at 6am now, instead of 5.

Since his top tooth has started coming down he has been grinding his teeth. What a terrible sound. I hope that phase passes sooner rather than later. He’s also been blowing spit bubbles. He says “maaaaa” and opens his mouth up wide and this bubble bulges out and pops. An interesting thing for him to have figured out. I’m quite sure noone has taught him that.

Apart from baby news the building has started on our house and my Avon ‘work’ is going pretty well. I picked up 5 customers from my designated territory for the last campaign. Next week we have our district sales event. Will get to meet my district Manager and some of the team leaders and other reps. Should be an interesting night. Actually, it’s on the same night as our 3rd wedding anniversary so we’ll have to do some kind of anniversary thing during the day.

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