Frase had his first sleepover at the in-laws last weekend. I was working on Saturday and Matt went to a bucks party so Grandma and Pa looked after Fraser for the day. He did pretty well though wouldnt go to sleep without his dummy. Unfortunately, his dummy had been left behind at home so Aunty Janey had to nick up to the chemist and buy one. As soon as he had that he went to sleep for 2 hours! Poor thing was knackered. Matt ended up calling me that night to say he’d got back from the party after Fraser had gone to sleep and didnt want to wake him so they stayed over. Matt slept in the spare bed and Frase slept in his portacot in with Grandma/Pa. I got a glorious UNINTERRUPTED sleep from 10.30pm to 6.30am!!! w00t!!

We also bought a couple of highchairs from Ikea on Monday. One for my mum and one for matt’s mum. They’re pretty good for $50.

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