More teeth!

We noticed on Wednesday that Fraser has a top tooth coming down as well as what looks to be the beginnings of a third tooth at the bottom. His poor little gum is swollen with this erupting tooth but it’s not red so maybe it’s not too painful.

I’ve been at work for one month and one day now. Where’s my $$ ? Good news is it’s been paid by my employer without any harrasment on my behalf. Bad news is that it’s largely gone to tax. Not Happy John!
I think the arrangement is working out reasonably well so far. Matt’s still behind in the domestics department but at least he does a crisis tidy every now and then. We also found a seagrass cube that fits under the coffee table. It fits heaps of Fraser’s toys and books in it so makes it much easier to tidy up .
My emotional outbursts have stopped since moving back to shifts as it gives me more time with the baby. The builders are starting on the house on Monday so i’m feeling that we’re finally getting somewhere.
Anyway, having a crappy day today. Work still sux sometimes.

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