Too fast

Fraser can pull himself up to stand on the furniture now. He’s been doing it for about a week now. He’s very proficient at crawling and sitting up and I guess he’ll be walking along the furniture soon enough. It’s pretty mind-boggling how quickly this is all happening. One of his mothers group friends, Reuben, is still just laying on the floor.. not rolling, not crawling. Reuben came around for a swim last week. Matt has been alot more sociable than I am with the mothers group crowd. He had Lisa and Reuben around, and has talked about having Maike and Brennan around for a swim as well. He got some fab video the other day. Fraser had the hiccups and every time he hiccupped Reuben would laugh. :D
We need to buy Fraser a rashy to swim in. At the moment he just wears a regular tshirt and swimming Huggies.
Last Friday Matt took Fraser to the motor show. He sat him in this little kids pedal car. It was just the right size for him. I should put the photos up.
On Thursday we’re going for the pneumococcal booster. He was supposed to have it at 8 months but we put it off due to the fever he had over the long weekend.

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