October long weekend madness

We had an interesting time over the weekend. On Saturday we wound up at the Children’s hospital because Fraser had a fever and was very whingey. We were there for a few hours while he had a urine test and chest x-ray to determine whether he had any urinary tract or chest infections.
I must say, it was a rather comical experience catching a specimen of Fraser’s urine. We had to take his nappy off and get him to drink some water and wait for it to come out the other end. Trying to catch wee in a specimen jar without contaminating the inside of the jar is quite difficult.

Thankfully, both tests were clear so we went and did the grocery shopping and went back home. I sent him to bed that night with a dose of panadol and the next morning he was back to being his normal, happy self.

On Sunday we went to Noah’s christening. The service had 2 other families also having their kids baptised. Noah’s parents, matt and Natasha, threw a bit of a party afterwards in the park across from the church. Spent most of the time talking to Maike and Mike who are also from mothers group. Had a great time.

Yesterday we went for a picnic in Macarthur park at camden. Great day.. took lots of great pics.

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