withdrawal? control issues?

I’m having another down moment. I think everything must be fine until I get to Friday. Maybe it’s baby withdrawal. But I’m also battling some resentment. I’ve only really noticed it today. I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that Matt will always do things differently to me. I know that anyone would do things their own way but I’m having an internal struggle with accepting that when it comes to Fraser. Maybe it will resolve itself when I get back onto morning shifts and I can be home by 3.30pm. At least I can resume daily afternoon walks with him on those shifts. I just really want this phase of our lives to be done with so I can get back to being a full time parent and domestic goddess-in-training. Is that mental? I’m really missing out on so much. I need my regular fix of mum-friends. Now I’m teary and I want to go home. hmmpf.

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  1. Doesn’t it just suck that all people around your child don’t do exactly as they should? For real–it pisses me off. I will not do well with kindergarten. Good luck to you!!

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