I am feeling better this week. Actually I felt better the next day. But it has been much easier to manage the working-away-from-home thing this week thansk to working 9-5 instead of 10-6. It gives me some playtime before Fraser has to go to bed.

He’ll be 8 months next week and due for his pneumococcal booster. His first birthday has also been on my mind. We’d like to have a bit of a party but because we have so much family there would be close to 70 ppl. That’s astonishing. It makes it very hard to have anything intimate. In order to keep the cost and organisation down I think we will have a morning tea/brunch kind of thing. A couple of urns, cake and a few snacky things and that’s enough. No booze except for maybe champagne and orange. Hire some outdoor toys for the kids.
I’ve also been thinking about some sort of welcoming ceremony. I really want it to be intimate though, i.e. number sub 15. Would love to have it at our new house so Fraser may be almost 18 months by the time he’s welcomed! LOL!

We’re going to the christening of one of Fraser’s mother’s group friends on Sunday. Looking forward to that and I found a great present for Noah! Will report in on how the day went.

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