So begins my second day at work. Surprisingly I did not suffer any separation anxiety but perhaps Fraser did? Matt had a tough day because he tried to put Fraser down for a nap one hour earlier than normal and he wasn’t having any of that. He starting crying and got so worked up and overtired that he wouldn’t go to sleep at all. Then Matt got confused with the feeding schedule and fed Fraser a bottle at 5pm instead of solids and so he fell asleep! I got home at about 6.15pm and thought we might wake him up at 6.30pm and go out to meet some friends for dinner. That way, he’d be awake til around 9.30pm and he could go back to bed and hopefully sleep through til 6am or so. Well that plan didnt work either. He had quite a disrupted night’s sleep and I didn’t have much sleep due to Matt’s snoring! I’m not used to hearing his snoring because I would normally be asleep before he is. Now that Matt isn’t up late working we go to bed at the same time and he flakes out quick smart. *sigh*

So, Matt’s first day as Home Dad was a bit rough. Hopefully by the end of the week Fraser, and Matt, will be used to each other.

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