Back to school..err… work

Ok, so I am back at work today. Haven’t been hit by separation anxiety yet. I was home for long enough to put Frase down for his morning nap. His naps seems to have broken the 40minute barrier now and he slept 1.5 hours. So I’d gone before he woke up. Matt hasn’t had any luck getting him down for his lunchtime nap. Maybe his routine is changing now that his naps are longer.
To commiserate my return to work I went for a *shop*. Bought a new Oroton brown tote bag, a brown country road cardi, some white Marcs pants. Brown is my new black. I think I’m a few seasons behind but I’ve never cared for that anyway.

Fraser is a little terror around the apartment now that he’s crawling. I’m amazed at how quick he is. So far he has managed to pull the garbage bin over a couple of times and he’s kneeling up by pulling himself up from the knobs on the low kitchen drawers and I’ve caught him kneeling in his cot. Will have to lower the mattress now.

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