Creepy Crawly

Yaaay! Frase has started crawling today. Yesterday he was doing these little bunny hops .. he had the hands going one in front of the other but didnt have knees happening.. he’d sort of “jump” his legs forward. I knew proper crawling was close. He’s not an expert yet but he’s definitely got it figured out. So glad he started crawling before I went back to work. Would have hated to miss that.
We went to see nana yesterday, (my nana), and he was such a good boy. He got pretty tired at one stage and fell asleep in my lap with minimal bum patting. I laid him down on a couple of blankets that Nana had made up as a bed for him and he slept amongst all our talking for 20 or 30 mins!
Tomorrow is a clinic visit and Fraser will get weighed and measured. Matt’s coming as well so that he can get all the rules about solids etc.
That’s about it.

Oh yes, and I am an Avon lady now. *Ding**Dong*

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