bla bla bla

I noticed this morning that Fraser has his second bottom tooth poking through. He’s eating alot more now. Three meals a day. In the morning I’ve been giving him pureed Two Fruits mixed into rice cereal. Lunch is usually a savoury followed by sweet and dinner is the same. He loves pumpkin so I boil up a half a butternut pumpkin and thaw it out with my pre-made cubes of sweet potato and carrot. Desserts are usually some fruit gel or yoghurt. I’ve been trying to get him used to drinking from a spout but all he does so far is chew on it. No forward movements yet with the crawling yet but getting close, I think.
Lately, Fraser has been vocalising a lot more. HE goes between a frustrated growl when he’s bored to a “bla bla bla bla”. I’d love it if he could say mumumum before I start back at work but I’m not too hopeful.

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