Matt the homeboy

Well.. the decision has been made, paperwork filed.. I am starting back to fulltime work on the 20th. I’ll be honest and say it was the last thing I wanted. Unfortunately Matt decided to drop the bomb last Sunday, after our holiday, that he didnt want to go back to work. After an hour or so of having the waterworks going it was with a reluctant acceptance that I made enquiries about returning to work fulltime. There goes my plan of re-organising the apartment now that Matt was to finally get his butt into an office. *sob*
We talked about him getting a contract or something short term but with my maternity leave $$ hanging over my head it seemed smarter to just rip the band-aid off and go back. The idea is slowly growing on me but I’m not sure whether I’ve just talked myself into it or I’m genuinely interested in going back to work. The positives are thatwe’ll have money coming in again, it’ll make Matt aware of what’s involved with the baby so that I can get out of the house to go to the dentist and other things like that without having to wait for baby-free days. I’m expecting that Matt will learn how to do the household stuff like washing the clothes and other cleaning related things but I don’t know what the balance will be.
I’m nervous about work becuase I can’t remember a whole lot and there’s a bunch of new stuff and processes since I left 8 months ago.
So, now that my original plan went out the window the revised plan is this…
Matt is the home Dad
I work
we will probably continue this arrangement until the house is built, which is still a mystery at this point but should be around March.
Then we swap back.

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