Baby sitting went fine on Friday. It only went for an hour or so and PJ slept half the time. He woke up just in time for when his Dad came home. Fraser just sat on the floor and played with PJ’s stuff. After that we met up with another mum and had coffee and went for a quick walk.

Saturday was a baby-free day! Matt took Frase to Grandma’s house for the day where he played and had a nap and was generally a good boy. I went to Chatswood and got my hair cut and coloured, saw a movie, and bought a highchair.
Haven’t used the highchair yet, besides a short test run, as there’s a bit broken on the tray. Will have to exchange it. *sigh*
Today was a quiet day at home. Fraser seems to need resettling after the first 40mins of his lunchtime nap but will then sleep another hour. He eats rusks now.. well, chews on them a bit. For the last couple of weeks he’s been sucking on his bottom lip. It looks so funny. Speaking of funny.. the funniest thing happened today. Fraser was playing on his mat batting at the ball hanging from the arch and just started giggling to himself. I started laughing, and he kept laughing .. giggling and belly laughs. I was in tears of laughter and I wish i’d taped it.

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