Poor bubby got a bruised head today when he fell forwards from the sitting position. He landed on the TV trolley thing and got this bruise in a line across his temple. Lucky he landed on a bony part of his head. He cried for a while then he was OK. I remembered my First Aid and just monitored him for any behaviour change but so far he’s been normal. You can see the mark if you check the recent gallery pics.
Didnt go to mothers group this week.. it was so packed last week that I just wasnt in the mood for the whole group dynamic thing. But I did hear that we have changed venue probably because of the squeeze last week.
I’m baby sitting one of the mothers group kids tomorrow for a couple of hours. That’ll be interesting. It’s one thing to be responsible for your own kid, but someone else’s is a whole other thing. I guess Fraser and PJ can just play together for a while.
Bought Fraser the FisherPrice Aquarium the other day as he can now reach for his mobile. I’ve taken the mobile down but left the music box there and have got the Aquarium onthe other side of the cot. I love it because it has raindrops and ocean sounds as well as music, bubbles and lights. It’s soothing enough that I can put it on and go to sleep myself! It hasnt convinced Fraser to go back to sleep at 5am though.

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