Happy half-birthday bubba!

Fraser is 6months and one day today. He was born half a year ago. How about that? We went to the Dr for his shots today. He had the pneumococcal shot as well. He cried for a bit and then forgot about it. So far no bad reactions. He now weighs 8.3kg and is 67cms in length. He’s only put 1 cm on in a month. Doesn’t seem much. While we were in the waiting room I had him sitting up on the floor when Dr Mel came out. She saw him and said that he’s ahead on his gross motor skills which usually means he’ll be off and running pretty soon. His weight is a little above average and height a little below. So he’s doing quite well.
Unfortunately, he has taken to catnapping during the day so I’ve lost my big stretch of lunchbreak that I used to get. Now he only sleeps in 40 minute lots 2-3 times a day. Not good enough! I want my 1.5-2 hours for lunch. :p
The 4am wakeups are still happening … *sigh* and we’re getting up around 5.30am. And thanks to the catnaps I don’t get a chance to catch up on sleep through the day. If he didn’t go feral when he’s tired I wouldn’t be too worried about it. Maybe it’s the teething that’s interrupted his usual sleep pattern but he doesnt seem to be irritated by the tooth that is coming through. I’ll just wait it out for a while.

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