Been a while

Haven’t updated for a while. Had my head elsewhere. Anyway, I’m back now and things are back to what they were pre- the crappy night last spoken of. The excema has pretty much recovered though we are continuing to ‘manage’ it rather than it being ‘cured’. Fraser is back to sleeping through til around 4am. Yet to conquer that but it’s quite difficult when sharing a room. He’ll probably grow out of it before I get a chance to deal with it. If/when I return to work I can see it becoming a potential issue but I’ll worry about it then. since I was last here.. the daytime routine has gone a bit whacko. I’m starting to think i’ll surrender the routine and just let Fraser do whatever he wants to do as long as it doesnt disrupt the nights.
He graduated to the forward facing child seat on the weekend. He looks much happier facing that way because he can see us. I’ve booked him in this Friday for his 6month shots and I’ll pop into the clinic for his weigh-in and general checkup as well. He’s into 0 sized clothes now.

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