Is there a Darwin award for the worst mother in the world?


Well, I guess it’s not as bad as all that. We had a shocker of a night last night. Fraser woke up every 40 mins crying. I didnt have a wink of sleep. I tried panadol, feeding, rocking… nothing worked.
He’s had some dry skin on his body which I thought may have been responsible for waking him up so I made an appointment with the Dr. I reckon we should keep her on retainer. He’s had this excema for a while but he was happy and normal except for weird sleep changes and so I didnt follow up on it.
Anyway, yes.. Fraser has a bad case of excema and he had bad nappy rash which erupted overnight. The excema didnt look too bad to me so I was using a regular moisturiser on him.. but it just doesnt cut the mustard and I was advised to rub Emulsifier ointment on at every nappy change and to apply the canestan cream to his bum. Once I got home from the docs I lubed F up with the ointment and he slept solidly over lunch for 2 hours! For the past 2 weeks I’ve had to resettle him after the first 40 mins. I wonder whether the frequent night wakings over the past 3 weeks was due to his itchiness all along and not the dummy or teeth. I feel terrible.

Good news is that Mr roll-y has begun shuffling around the floor in a somewhat backwards fashion.. he can also sit up for a little while before tipping over. So, good to see that he’s keeping up with things.

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