Fraser weighed-in at 7.6kg on Friday and measures 66cms long. He hasnt gained much this last month .. only 600g or so. Apparently their weight plateaus out every now and then. Today though, he had all of his bottles so maybe he’s gonna stack a bit more weight on now. In a few weeks he’ll be 6 months – holy crap! where did the time go?
He has a bit of excema on his torso. It’s a bit dry and a little red. I rubbed some Dermaveen in tonight so I’ll see how that goes. I put Sorbolene on it yesterday but it all flared up and got really itchy. Poor kid. I’ll have to ditch that sorbolene. I think the vitamin E must have gone off.
With all the toy sales on at the moment I decided to buy Fraser some frisher-price Peek-a-blocks. These ones are touch sensations ones. He seems to really enjoy noisy things at the moment though so he might move onto the blocks soon.
He laughed the other day! Matt was blowing raspberries on his tummy and he did a proper laugh, not just the suck-in-squeal he usually does. Now that he’s rolling as well, I keep catching him propping himself up on his tummy in his cot. I hope that he would know not to just leave his face buried in the mattress if he fell asleep on his belly. But I don’t really know what to do to stop it.

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