Look Mum, I have feet!

Fraser discovered his feet last week. I woke up after one of our morning naps and was watching him in his cot trying to get his other sock off. The other one had already fallen off. He’s also started poking his tongue out a little bit. We haven’t had many more successful rolling attempts though.
We had an interesting couple of nights this week. Fraser was waking up every hour after about 2am and I had to keep getting up to resettle him. Last night I put him in a sleeping bag as well as his gro-suit and blanket and gave him a top-up feed at 9.30pm. he slept through this time, til 5.30am. I guess he was cold then as he only took 70mls of his top-up feed and that’s not much really. So tonight I’ve dressed him the same, turned the heat up a little more and not done the extra feed so i’ll see what happens. If he wakes up this time he’ll probably be hungry.. or I guess he may even be too hot! It’s hard to know these things sometimes. He’s a living experiment and every day brings new test conditions.
I popped into work today to say Hi and test the waters about returning on a part time basis. There wasn’t any negativity expressed so that’s good news. Anyway, it depends on what sort of care I can organise I suppose. G asked me was I thinking of coming back early because I was bored. I’m a little bored.. not bored of being at home but I just want the mental massage again. My brain doesnt get much exercise in this small apartment. I also think that if I was to stay away from work for much longer I would lose the rest of my stored knowledge. He asked if he could help by sending me information or something so I told him how I’ve continued reading shift updates etc so I’ve got a vague idea of what’s been going on but my finger is not on the pulse this way. I think he was impressed. ;)
Our friends Doug and Sarah had their baby today. A girl, born on her due date, 3.39kgs and 53cms long. Sounds like it was a pretty smooth and short labour. Can’t wait to see what she looks like.. seems I’m still clucking over newborns.. i get all teary just thinking about it. Last post, I mentioned about asking Dr Karl whether there were hormonal reasons for this. So I posted on the ABC science forums and someone suggested that it has something to do with prolactin (a hormone produced by breastfeeding) and also, come 4 months old your baby has settled down and you’re confident and less sleep deprived. I believe alot of it is the natural drive of the human race to procreate and some of it is psychological desire to relive that time and enjoy it with the knowledge that I now possess.
However, i must resist.

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