I got my hair cut yesterday. First time it’s been cut since just before Fraser was born. Mum looked after him for a few hours but he was a bit more labour intensive than I was hoping because he didn’t sleep as long as he does when he’s at home so she had to amuse him. BUt I think it went OK and I guess once Fraser gets used to the surroundings at Mums he’ll settle more easily. Thats the theory anyway. I was pretty excited about my time out alone. It’s quite liberating but by the end of a few hours I was looking forward to seeing him again.

Something new he started this week is grabbing at his pink bits and giving them a good old pull. It’s enough to put tears in your eyes, if you’re a bloke. I should get Matt to see this some time.

I’m looking into childcare options now as I’m thinking it would be good to go back to work early for a couple of days a week. Not so sure how the childcare thing will work though. Waiting lists everywhere. I’ll ring a few tomorrow and see how long they are. The one downstairs in the complex has a 12 month waiting list now … funny that 6 months ago they said it was 6 months long. Dodgy. Fraser’s name is still down on that list though so you never know. We may get lucky.

Some of the other mums in my mothers group are clucking over newborns already. I’m glad to see i’m now the only one. And it goes some way to show that it may indeed be a hormonal drive rather than a psychological one. I’d like the answer to that.. maybe I should ask Dr Karl on JJJ.

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