Fraser had his 4months shots today. A repeat of the last lot plus the oral polio vaccine. I was a bit of a nervous wreck going into the Dr’s office and made Matt come with us. He held Fraser while I was ready with any emergency entertainment. Well I’m proud to say we got barely a peep out of him. No hysterical crying, no going red in the face..he was a bit upset but so briefly and no real crying, just frowning. I was so relieved. We came home afterwards and he just flaked right out and slept for 1.5 hours. Dr Mel was telling us a Prevenar, the pheumococcal vaccine. The tight-arse government has put it on the schedule but not subsidising it so it’s $150 a pop and 3 of them are required. Lucky we registered for the Medicare safety net.
Things coming up… I have a mothers group girls night out at The Rose next Friday night. I think Matt and Aunty Jane will be sharing the babysitting duty as Matt won’t be back from Adelaide til about 9.30pm. Next Tuesday I have finally made a hair appointment and Mum’s got Fraser duty. It’ll be good to get him used to spending time with other people now. And of course he needs to get to know his grandparents. When we get a portacot we can have him spend more time with Matt’s folks as he’ll start rolling soon so we can’t leave him sleeping on the bed. I found him in his cot this afternoon having done a 180, laying sideways.
Fraser is starting to realise he has feet. It’s funny watching him pull his little legs up into the air and trying to touch his toes. He hasnt figured that part out yet.
He really loves going for late afternoon walks in his pram. It must be that he gets really bored at home, it seems that he craves the fresh air at that end of the day. So it’s become a regular part of the day. We often end up walking for up to 2 hours. Discovering parts of Alexandria, Erskineville, Newtown. Not bad for a couch potato.

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