Fraser had his first projectile vomit last night. He’d just had his bedtime bottle. Guzzled the whole lot and the I got him up to burp him and it seemed the whole lot came out in one great fountain. Acually it looked more like a hose. It went over my shoulder and onto the couch and down into my lap. He was quite happy after he’d done it. I had to get him changed into some other clothes and we fed him again. He only took half that bottle though so he might have still had some milk in him. He’s been fine since then so he isn’t sick or anything. Matt thinks it may have been some bath water he swallowed that did it. We’ve made it to 4 months without a projectile vomit so that’s not bad.
He’s been getting lots of tummy time lately. I do it before a sleep as it tires him out. He’s rolled once unassisted. I think he’s used to me playing with him because he seems to unable to amuse himself for very long and then he smiles as soon as he sees me come over to him. I dont know whether that’s a normal thing and once he can grab things intentionally he’ll be quite happy to play with his stuff or not.
Fraser also likes to look at books. It’s good for the late afternoon when he’s cranky and tired. He sits on my lap and we look at the books for a while.
On a personal note, I’m still waiting for AF to come back. I stopped breastfeeding 3 or 4 weeks ago so I’m hoping it comes back. Not that I dont enjoy NOT having it but …well, you get the picture. I’ve been a bit crampy for a few days so that could be a sign of it coming back. I also had a negative stick test a few weeks ago.

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