4 months old

Went for a monthly weigh-in at the pharmacy today. Fraser is now 7kg and 64cms long. That 1kg and 2cm more than last month. He’s 4 months old tomorrow and due for shots again. I havent made the appointment yet because I didnt have a very good time last time and I feel like putting it off. But I really should organise it. He’s so cute these days. Smiling all the time and laughing..except for between 4 and 6pm when he’s bored and tired and cranky. I’m amazed by how much I love him. I can’t stop cuddling him and checking in on him while he’s sleeping. I keep kissing and nibbling on his chubby little cheeks. So cute.
Our routine is pretty good these days. He has his first feed around 6.30-7am..then has a play and goes back to bed by 9am. Feeds again at 10.30-11am, plays, asleep by 12.30.. feeds at 2.30pm, plays for a while..maybe try and get a shorter nap in but usually it’s pretty hard to do so we often go for a walk around 4.30pm. He’s usually so tired by his 6-6.30pm feed that he he goes straight to sleep afterwards. I do a small rollover feed at 10.15pm. Hopefully we can drop this night feed soon so that I can start going to bed earlier.

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