Did someone say ..party?

I’ve always said that I’d have a party when Fraser slept through the night. Well, last night he slept from 7pm to 5.30am with a couple of “stick the dummy in and go back to sleep” call-outs. So I’m a bit chuffed as I’ve got a headcold and trying to manage baby fulltime while sleep deprived and blocked up is tough. No sick leave here. But I don’t think I’ll be having a party just yet. I’ll wait until I get that elusive 7-7 sleep.
I had a bit of a cry yesterday as I thought Fraser was at the point of refusing to breastfeed. He just fought it most of yesterday and I felt disappointed. I think it’s because it’s the only function I can do exclusively. However, he then surprised me at his bedtime feed by emptying one boob. He’s pretty much decided to only feed from the right side so I’m even more lopsided than I used to be as my supply has dimished on the left. So now I’m wondering how long I might have left before he stops breastfeeding entirely. He’s also decided he likes his formula warmed up instead of the room temp that I’ve been getting away with all this time. I guess I’ll have to get a small thermos to manage this when I’m out somewhere where there isn’t a microwave.

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