First Mother’s Day

My first Mother’s Day was really great. I was given breakfast in bed and Fraser went back to sleep after his first feed of the day so I got to have an extra sleep. He gave me some chocolate and shortbread biscuits from Peter’s of Kenso .. yum, yum. I had a couple of mugs made with a recent photo of him on it and gave them to the grandmas. One said “I love you Nana” and the other, “I love you Grandma”. They were a hit. We had lunch at Aunty Ann’s with all the mums and nanas and then dinner at the Allens.. super-yay news is.. I’m going to be an Aunty. Due December 26.

On Saturday we had a “meet the fathers” lunch with the mothers group gang at the Golden Barley pub. Excellent venue for such a meeting and the dads are all nice, normal folk. We had a really great time meeting and talking to everyone and got some cute photos of Fraser and Charli having a “talk”. He’s already chatting up the ladies. :)

I’m starting to think now that Fraser’s older he’s looking more like I did as a baby. The blue-green eyes and fair skin. He does still look mostly like Matt but I think it’s the overall impression of his face that reminds me of early photos of me.

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  1. I always thought the little guy looked like you! He has your eyes! Of course he looks like Matt as well, but I’m glad you are seeing the resemblance now ;-)


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