Right on track

Fraser is 3 months old today so I took him up to the clinic yesterday for a weigh and measure. He’s 6 kg (clothed) and 62cm long/tall. His weight is right on the 50th percentile and his height is a bit over average at the 75th percentile. I asked Donna about the overnight shenanigans – the kicking and grunting at 3 or 4 am. She suggested maybe he was cold, or maybe it was just a developmental phase that he would pass through, and that it was unlikely to be wind. So we tried just letting him carry on with it last night and not pick him up. It seems to have worked in that he didnt have a screaming match and end up sleeping in our bed. He still carried on grunting etc but I stuck the dummy in and put another blanket over him. That seemed to stop things for a while. Then he woke up at 5.30am. I wonder when he’ll start sleeping through to 7am, or later. I mourn the loss of my unbroken night’s sleep.

I got some footprints today from the baby to commemorate his 3 month-ness.. tried to get handprints too but he wouldnt open them long enough for me to do it. I’ll try again tomorrow.

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