Precious moment #1

I’m sure there have been others but this morning was just too cute. I brought the baby into bed with us this morning around 5.30am as he was kicking and fussing about in his cot and was being just generally noisy. So he slept on my chest for a while then i shifted him to the crook of my arm. ANyway at 7am we woke up and smiled at each other. It was so sweet to wake to that instead of crying. :)
I tried to introduce a rollover feed at 10.30pm to try and get Fraser through the night. This is a feed where he stays asleep but still drinks/eats. But it’s so hard to get a burp out of a sleeping baby that I’ve decided to ditch that idea and just continue to do the overnight feed until his wind issues sort themselves out.
He’s 12 weeks now, 3 months this coming wednesday. I’m planning on taking him up to the clinic to get weighed and ask them about his early morning waking. Have also bought some paint to take hand and foot prints. Will try to remember to do this every 3 months i think.
Speaking of remembering.. it’s so true what they say about ‘baby brain’. I left my keys hanging in our letterbox in the mail room yesterday and then went off for a walk.. came back an hour later realising I had no keys. Fortunately, some kind resident left a note and gave my keys back. Given they were in the letterbox marked with our apartment number some clown might have taken them and got in! I’ve never done anything so silly before. Is it a combination of long term sleep deprivation and the mind being constantly occupied by the baby? Or is it becuase I’m 30?

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