A dingo ate my baby.. and gave me someone else’s.

Nah not really.. but he’s totally different since I took him to my chiropractor that I saw during my pregnancy. She said the way his head came out caused the front bones in his head to misalign..basically causing him something similar to a migraine. No wonder he was always screamng his head off. Anyway, now he sleeps during the day and is feeding more efficiently. We’re still comp feeding with formula but he is getting a decent amount of breastmilk now. He’s so much happier and quiet! I can’t believe the difference. He was such a good boy on Sunday night.. he gave me 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep for my birthday. :)
He’s still waking up twice a night the rest of the time..I want to try and stop the 4am wakeup because he doesnt need to be fed but I think he’s waking because of wind he’s developed from the 1.15am feed. Might wait til Matt goes away for a few days next month before I try that.
Also, we bought a cot from Ikea.. I woke up to Fraser having a yell the other morning becuase he’d kicked his feet out of the hammock. Time to retire that, unfortunately.. but I reckon F likes the firm mattress of a cot or bed better anyway. We’ll see. He’ll have to get used to the cot anyway, like it or not! I’m sure it’ll be fine.

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