Rock on tired signs!

After watching F closely one day during the week I’ve finally clued up on his tired signs. He does yawn but he also rubs his eyes and nose. As soon as I see one of these I whisk him off and wrap him up, put him to bed. I’ve had alot of success the last couple of days with getting him to have day sleeps. Rock on!
He’s also slept quite well in the old english pram mum has here and I think he must like the firm surface of a proper mattress unlike what the hammock has. We’re considering packing up the hammock and buying a cot. They are quite large though and cant really be rocked easily like the pram can. If we do get a cot I’ll have to come up with a new way to settle F to sleep. I’m frequently resettling him though. Can’t wait til he can put himself back to sleep if he wakes up too soon.
But yay! that we have some progress in the baby-learning department. The nights are still b0rked though. Maybe it’s a growth spurt and he just needs the extra feed.
The poor thing must suffer with all my bumbling around.

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