Out the window

Our nice 3am wakeup call has gone to be replaced by 2 hysterical yellings at around 1am and 4am. Not happy Jan. Most babies at this age (10w) have dropped their night feed by now. I’m no longer seeing that nice sleep-through from 7-8pm to 3am. I have, however, succesfully got him off to his morning sleep within around 30 mins of putting him to bed as soon as I see a yawn after his 7am feed.
I’m not sure if his semi-routine went out the window since we’ve been minding my mum’s house. He’s in a different bed, the house is colder than ours, and maybe it’s just all a bit different. But maybe there is no such thing as routine as it keeps changing. At the 1am and 4am thing I could probably settle him another way but feeding seems to just work more quickly. I could try picking him up and burping him but this wakes him from his fitful sleep and he gets really cranky. So I can’t win. Just need to accept the new night time requirement I suppose?

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