Happy Birthday.. I got you an injection..

Aww… boy did the little guy get a shock today. He’s 2 months old today so we took him for his first round of needles. diptheria, whooping cough, tetanus, hep b..and polio oral vaccine. I let him breastfeed as he was getting the shots but they hurt him so much he went red in the face and cried so hard that he couldnt be consoled with the boob. I couldnt handle him being in so much pain so I cried too. What an awful experience. I’m glad Matt came along because he managed to distract Fraser from his distress with a felt butterfly rattle we got. On a positive note he’s almost 5kg now and is getting alot more sleep.
We have a loose 4 hour feed, play, sleep routine going. Feeds at 7am, 11, 3pm, 6.30.. between those times he gets playtime and up to a couple of hours sleep. At night he goes off around 8pm, then wakes at 2-3am for another feed. So it’s pretty good. The comp feeding is going really well. Once Fraser’s had a full feed he starts smiling and making cooing noises. So cute.

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