Experiment #1 – success!

I took the lad out this morning in the Baby Trekker (a carrier device similar to baby bjorn). We had plans to go to the MCA to see a photo exhibition. I figured since he wont sleep at home during the mornings I’ll take him out and then bring him home in the afternoon for a sleep. I’m pleased to say he slept for most of the time we were out and about except for a few brief squawks.
I wanted to see the Australian Photojournalism exhibit.. I rocked up and there was this exhibition on called Witness.. it didnt look like what I was expecting from the front so I turned around and went shopping instead. I got home to look it up thinking I’d gone to the wrong place or at the wrong time but no! I’d walked out of the exhibition I’d gone there to see! without even taking a minute to check. I’m so annoyed with myself for my lack of determination to even ask someone. We’ll just have to go back again another day.

Our casting afternoon went well last Thursday. Fraser is small enough to have been immediately accepted as one of the newborns to appear in the Son of Mask movie. Saw a couple of ladies from the mothers group with their bubs and Angela Bishop from 10 news was there doing a piece on the babies being in the movie. Fraser and I appeared on the news! Most exciting indeed and I taped it. So the filming is on Thursday this week at Fox Studios.

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