More weight gain success

Had mothers group today and decided to weigh the boy to see how he’s done since last Thursday’s 6 week checkup. Well, in one week he’s put on 400 grams! That’s on the decent side of a normal weekly weight gain so I’m very happy. Our next mission now is to increase supply and try dropping the comps.
At today’s meeting there was an ABA rep. (Australian Breastfeeding Association).. she said that for Motillium to work I need to nurse more frequently. She also suggested trying to minimise dummy use, drink more water, and nurse upon the baby waking and to settle to sleep. So I’ve done that feed-to-sleep thing twice already tonight and I wonder whether he may get used to that and need it to get off to sleep all the time.. but I guess at only 7 weeks old it’s not that much of an issue.. perhaps after 3 months we’ll start worrying about that sort of thing.
Tomorrow is the casting call for a movie that Fraser might be in. We have to rock up at Moore Park for a look over and to sign on if they like us. There will be a nurse for every 3 babies on the set of the movie so it sounds like it might be a nice relaxing time!

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