Weddings, parties, anything

The baby has taken to sleeping at parties… and weddings. Yesterday we took him to a wedding and once he finally went off to sleep he slept through the dancing and the ride home and then didnt wake til almost 4am! The night before that I took him to the pre-wedding festivities and he was out to it for the duration, even sleeping through the loud Indian drumming and singing. I parked him in the corner in his capsule and a group of lovely, clucky women watched over him while I partied on. Was a great night out. He’s proving to be quite flexible at evening parties…so far.

He’s 6.5 weeks old now and things are already getting better. He’s getting so much cuter and he’s had a couple of long sleeps today. I hope that trend continues as he’s not much of a day sleeper and he gets very upset when he’s overtired. He started smiling last Monday and I’ve decided I want more of those Bonds wondersuit things. They just seem to accentuate the baby-ness…so cute!

We’ve been continuing with the comp feeding but he’s having more comps through the day than before so I’m gonna fill the prescription for the Motillium and see how we go with a decent milk supply.

I reckon he smells like canned peaches! weird?

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