Yay! Went for our 6 week baby checkup at Newtown today. Fraser has put on 200g in 9 days! He’s almost cracked the 4 kilo mark so I’m really happy. Seems the comp feeding and breastfeeds are working after all. We are to continue with comp’ing at 40 mls after breastfeeds when necessary and if he needs more than that (i.e. today he took 90 mls of formula in one go) only do it once in that day or he wont demand breastfeeds. So I’ll keep doing that until he builds my supply up enough to satisfy himself, and I wont bother with the Motillium (supply b00ster) for now. I also need to try and pump a few times a day to stimulate supply. Anyway, happy to hear we’re on the right track as I’d have hated getting over all that mastitis and other assorted nasty business only to give in.
F’s been guzzling at the milkbar every 2 hours this morning. I guess now that he’s 6 weeks he’s having a growth spurt. He’s happy spending some time laying in his rocker. Apparently in the next couple of weeks he’ll realise he has arms and hands. Looking forward to that development.

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