Get Real Challenge

Had our first mothers group gathering at the Newtown clinic on Wednesday. There were about a dozen women there with their babies. A few women I recognized from the breastfeeding class in hospital. Some of us had given birth the same day at RPA. In fact, one of the girls there was the poor wretch that had to give birth in the waiting lounge at the hospital due to the overflowing admissions. They seem like a friendly bunch. The 2 hour meeting consisted of introductions, sharing birth stories, and “what’s one thing you enjoy about your baby” – or something to that effect. I was astonished at the way everyone had not one negative thing to say. “I love everything about it”, “I was so stressed in my job before, and I find this so easy”.. blah blah. It came around to me and all I could say was how I was still in shock over it all and found it hard to pinpoint anything to do with the joy of motherhood..but I did say how I loved the little smiles he does in his sleep. I reckon I must have witnessed the conspiracy of mothers to hide anything negative from each other. What’s that about? Am I seriously the only one that feels the pressure of the unknown or am I the only one happy to admit it? Mothers group may turn out to be an interesting social experiment.

Tomorrow we go to the GP to get my mastitis checked out and have Fraser weighed again to see if the comp feeding has beefed him up any. Then on Tuesday I think we have an appointment with the paediatrician from hospital. I think it’s just to check on how things are going and if we have any issues. Some time this week I really need to get to Eatsgardens and find a dress/outfit for Keda’s wedding on Saturday. Something I can breastfeed in as Fraser will be coming.

He seems to be growing a fair bit, at least his head is.. the rest of him is still skinny. He’s got the most angelic little face when he’s asleep and he makes these little smiles and sucking movements with his mouth. Very cute.

He’s 6 weeks old this’s been a bit of a time warp for me.. each day goes really fast because I live from one feed cycle to the next. But 6 weeks seems so long ago.

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