b00b update

Ok .. so since last post I cleared up the plugged ducts on the right side by nursing acrobatically.. picture F laying on the bed with me hovering over with right boob in his mouth in order to drain the blockages..also did some expressing in the bath and shower. However, then I got plugged up on the left side and developed mastitis over the weekend. Went to the Dr this morning and she confirmed that I had a mild fever and a nasty lump. I told her I wanted to turn them off and switch to formula. Unfortunately, because of the mastitis I can’t.. I must continue to nurse through until the blocks clear and I have a course of antibiotics to take for 10 days. On a positive note, the grazes are clearing up thanks to nipple shields..and the thrush is slowly improving. The Dr said she reckons I’m 80% of the way there to successful breastfeeding and the fact that I’ve persevered through the pain so far is way more than most ppl manage.
I mentioned his lack of weight gain and we decided to comp feed…i.e. breastfeed as normal then offer some formula from a bottle. He took 50 mls this morning which means he must have been so hungry. So it seems my supply hasnt been keeping up with him maybe because I didnt demand feed after the first week. Who really knows. Anyway some of the blockage has cleared so the pain isnt so bad now.. so I will offer more feeds and see how things go. I might only need 1 comp feed per day. I’ll check on that with the early childhood centre on Wednesday.
After the mastitis clears, I can decide to medically boost my supply or switch it off.

We’ll see in a week or so.

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