I have a confirmed case of nipple thrush.. together with plugged ducts on my right side. This breastfeeding caper is NOT going well. I took F up to the pharmacy to be weighed on Friday and he has barely put much on since a week or so before. I was given sachets of formula and I’ve come very close to throwing the towel in. I may still, yet. However, I will push on with nipple shields to ease the torture and wait til I can see a lactation consultant. We also only have 2 weeks til the magic 6 week mark where apparently Everything Gets Better. I’ve been on the phone to Tresillian again. This time for feeding advice. We’ve been advised to feed 3 hourly, both breasts (this takes up to hour), and make sure he gets his daytime naps in or else he’ll keep falling asleep at the boob. Seems the hammock isnt his favourite daytime nap place. He likes our bed though, and sometimes the couch.

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